**** OUR MISSION ****

To memorialize and honor the sacrifices of all those who have rendered loyal, faithful, heroic, and self-sacrificing service at home and overseas, while members of our armed forces or through civilian capacity.  The Foundation seeks to bring military and civilian families together by helping to relieve the burdens of family separation and hardships, through direct assistance for basic needs, historical education, and patriotic avenues.


Welcome to the SS American Memorial Foundation.

Our solemn undertaking is to honor Americans.  Whether acting as a “beacon of hope” for wounded warriors, veterans, active duty, first responders, and Americans in need or providing direct assistance. The memorial building, grounds and the fellowship of Americans offers a place of continuous respite care for those needing more than a “tangible” service or gift.  It offers more than just a one-time benefit.

We believe this private living war memorial, located on the Lazy U Ranch in  Seguin, is the most unique site in the state of TEXAS (if not the United States).  No other private property in the United States maintains as many acres dedicated to honoring Americans and helping fellow Americans.

Our Foundation provides assistance to those that might find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of nonprofits offering various services.  Our website serves as a vehicle for anyone to view other nonprofits that we believe deliver on their services offered, in a prompt and professional manner.  We also assist these organizations by providing a FREE location to hold fundraising events.  Additionally, we may donate directly to these organizations to help further their mission.

We are committed to educating citizens about the history of our state and country, so that we may live a lifestyle we so often take for granted.  In today’s world of constant cultural change fewer and fewer of our youth are taught the rich traditions and history of our country; therefore, there are fewer persons who can relate first-hand what it means to be an American.

We encourage you to follow our progress through our monthly newsletter to see how your donations are improving lives, mentoring our youth, and teaching American values and history.


About the Founder, Location, And The Mission Forward – War On Terror Sep 11, 2001-Aug 30, 2021-POST WAR!

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