Bronze Casts

Established in 1878, Franklin Bronze & Alloy Company is one of the oldest continually operating foundries in Pennsylvania. It is fitting that one the nation’s oldest foundries cast the (5) solid bronze plaques for the SS American Memorial.


The first bronze is “Chiefs” representing the individual who offered the first unsolicited donation.


The 3rd bronze is the “Ten Commandments” representing the foundation of the memorial and 4th of July event “GOD, Family, and Country”.


The 2nd bronze is the “Memorial” commemorating local soldiers that have fought in the various conflicts from World War I through the present-day War on Terror in the Middle East and Afghanistan.


The 4th bronze is the “Honor Roll” the representing the 200 plus persons and families that provided physical labor, monetary donation, or both.

A structure built of sound engineering using OLD SCHOOL principles.

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