Graham Toms

The Toms family personifies the classic Irish immigrant family of the past identifying with the American dream. Through a work visa known as the (01) program the family immigrated to the U.S. in 2007 to live the American dream, receiving Green Cards in 2014.

I have met few men in my life with Graham’s distinct intellect of world history. I have not ever met anyone with his painting skill. He is world class. I asked Graham if he would paint one “GRAND” painting that would captivate a person when entering the memorial – he graciously painted 4!

Graham Toms knows the true meaning of what it means to be an American, simply because he knows the HISTORY!

I am proud to call him my friend.

Craig G Russell
Jan -1-2015

Grahams family roots are in County Down, Ireland. He was encouraged to paint by an uncle, who painted as a hobby. Graham’s formal studies include a BFA in Illustration and Animation from the University of Ulster, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. After graduation he worked in Europe doing illustration and animation before taking a position with the Disney Institute in 1995, where he taught a variety of animation techniques. Eventually he began to work for Newtek, a company that creates a variety of video and animation projects. In his role at the company he creates content for 3D animation products, is an educator and also works with a wide variety of studies and organizations all over the world. See more about Graham’s work here.

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