December 2015 Newsletter


December is when the “rubber meets the road” as the saying goes.  When Americans take time to be thankful for this country and the blessings that have been bestowed upon us by our LORD Jesus Christ.  It is a time of bitter sweet as our warrior’s reflect on the loss of their comrades that have given their lives so that we may have the freedom to celebrate our GOD as we choose.  We give thanks to the men and women willing to fight for our freedoms to allow us to celebrate the holidays with our friends and family.  We hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving and wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

At this time last year, the Russell family was contacted by a number of you that wanted to donate money for needy soldiers.  Working closely with the base Chaplains your money went direct to the soldiers and families in need.  Since December 2014 financial request needs for Wounded Warriors have exceeded over $18,000.  All of these needs have been met in as little as 24-72 hour turn around time!  These needs have been met with direct donations to the SS American Memorial and funds directed from Wish for Our Heroes – .  Founded by Jeff Wells (Combat Veteran) Wish for Our Heroes provides financial assistance to active duty military persons.  Over 95% of donations go directly to the individual need request!!  This organization has stepped up and joined forces with the SS American Memorial in assisting our soldier’s needs!

After considerable thought and prayer the Russell family has decided to take steps to insure the Lazy U Ranch and “YOUR”  SS American Memorial are in perpetuity for generations to come.  These steps include taking the legal steps towards donating portions of the land to the soon to be SS American Memorial Foundation 501c3 non-profit.

SS American Memorial is in initial stages of partnering with NBACF – WWW.NBACF.ORG acting as it’s management foundation for the SS American Memorial Fund.  This partnership will allow donors to take advantage of an array of charitable giving instruments to help perpetuate the over all mission.  Please consider making a yearend tax deductible donation.  Make all checks payable to the SS American Memorial Fund or go to our website for online donating.

Be a part of history in the making at our nations only “private LIVING war memorial” –this is YOUR LEGACY, this is YOUR Memorial!



11th-12th Warrior Bible Study –  Hear Pastor Tom Masterson offers up the history of art and the Bible, special guest artist/painter Graham Toms of SS American Memorial GRAND paintings.   – an open invitation! Bring your cigars and favorite Bourbon – beer and wine for sale “CASH ONLY” at Memorial Bar – Call 210-559-1377 for reservation information.
21st – SS American Memorial/Lazy U Ranch OPEN HOUSE – 4:30 PM – 9:00 PM -join us as we bring in the Christmas holidays with a country-style Christmas visual, craft beer, and premium wines.

January 2016 the SS American Memorial and the Lazy U Ranch will be closed for the month- the RUSSELL FAMILY will taking R&R leave for a much needed rest.

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