October 2015 Newsletter



NOTE: This report offers data that reflects a 16 month period with inception date July 3rd, 2014 – (dedication day of the SS AMERICAN MEMORIAL) This report reflects all areas of NEW developments and statistical trends since the advent of the memorial.

While the summer was busy with visitors and events the grounds improvements have been substantial in preparation for next years 2016 Lazy U Ranch 4th of July Memorial service.  16 tons of stone has been laid forming a grand entrance to the memorial grounds that include rock pedestals and walls surrounding the beer garden.  Feel free to contact us to schedule your next visit.

Improvements continue at the memorial building.  In January of 2015 the Memorial received licensing to sell beer & wine.  The memorial nows offer a large selection of domestic and craft beers to choose from.  With the addition of the 836 bottle wine cellar, guests will now be able to choose from an extensive selection of premium wines at all special or private events.

The SS American Memorial does not charge for use of grounds for non-profits – i.e. active military base activities, church groups, Wounded Warrior groups, veteran groups, Boy/Girl Scout, High School sponsored groups, etc.

The SS American Memorial relies on paid PRIVATE events such as weddings, corporate retreats, class reunions, etc. to help defer ground maintenance and maintain benevolent funds for warrior/veteran/Americans in need.

Please contact Nancy Russell at nrussell@lazyuranch.com to schedule your next non-profit or private retreat.

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