OUR VOICE: Freedom is definitely not free

Independence Day isn’t just a time to kick back on the river or to catch a colorful fireworks show. It is a time to celebrate our country’s earliest patriots and the sacrifices they made to make America free. But it’s not only those freedom fighters who should be remembered on July 4.

There’s a saying, “freedom isn’t free,” and it is most certainly true.

In general, Texans get that — especially in this area. Take for instance Craig Russell and his family. With the help of veterans, they have created a place where wounded warriors can find peace through being out in nature. The SS American Memorial and Lazy U Ranch, located south of Seguin, is a place where veterans help veterans. These men and women do everything they can to help wounded warriors recover through understanding and camaraderie. There, wounded warriors can do activities, such as kayaking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, mountain biking, horseshoes and washer pitch.

“One of the biggest things is it offers veterans a peaceful place where they can relax,” said former U.S. Army Master Sgt. Brad Bowen. “They can enjoy whatever they like out here whether it’s the water, fresh air, good company or the memorial. It’s a place where veterans can see that all their hard work and sacrifices are appreciated.”

The memorial and ranch essentially offers veterans a place to breathe, a place where they are understood and a place where they know that they’re appreciated.

And that truly is important, because a nation that doesn’t remember and honor the sacrifices of its sons and daughters, in the name of freedom, isn’t a nation that will be free for long.

So as you’re enjoying the holiday with your loved ones, take a moment to think of those young Americans off in far away lands who are putting their lives on the line. >> Originally posted here >>

Our Voice is the opinion of the Seguin Gazette editorial board which includes Publisher Jeff Fowler, Managing Editor Derek Kuhn and a rotating membership from the rest of the newspaper’s staff.

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